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Pre-poured sterile Agar plates (MEA)

Pre-poured sterile Agar plates (MEA)

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MAX preparation time: 7 days

Triple vented 90mm Petri dishes with Malt Extract Agar (MEA) or Malt Extract + Yeast Extract (MYA) ready to use.

The media par excellence for the cultivation of mycelium! Ready to be used in an aseptic environment. Perfect for expanding mycelium cultures or germinating spores.

The agar is first autoclaved at 121Β°C and then poured onto our sterile triple vented 90mm petri dishes. The plates are then cooled in front of our laminar flow hood with certified HEPA filter. Finally they are sealed with Parafilm to protect them from external agents. Our sterile agar plates are observed for 5 days to ensure that no contamination is present.

If not available, it will be necessary to wait about 7 days from the date of the order before they are shipped.

We guarantee the quality and sterility of the product. Refer to our Agar Quality Assurance .

NB. The color of the agar may differ from that depicted. To facilitate the observation of mycelium and contaminants we often use dye, which in no way affects the quality or nutritional profile of the medium

Warning : Some condensation is to be expected if there have been temperature fluctuations during transport. To overcome this problem, we recommend storing the plates upside down, i.e. with the lid facing downwards.

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elia romei

Come da descrizione. Perfette.

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