FAQ - Sterile substrates

How long do sterilized oats last?

Bags of sterilized oats can last up to two months. Despite this we advise not to wait more than a couple of weeks before inoculating.

How should I store sterile substrates?

Sterile substrates should be kept in a clean place at room temperatures and out of direct sunlight. The bags should be held upright, with the filter up. Make sure there is no substrate or cereals in contact with the filter, and that there is a good distance between the two. Having organic material in contact with the filter encourages contaminants to enter the filter.

How much liquid culture / spore solution should I inject into the bag of oats?

2-4ml of solution is enough. Even if of liquid culture, 10ml can also be added to accelerate colonization. Be sure to test your liquid culture or spore solution on agar to verify it is free from contaminants. The sterility of our liquid cultures is guaranteed!

After inoculation how should I store the substrates?

Store inoculated substrates and grains in an upright position with the filter up, at temperatures of approximately 25C, away from direct sunlight, preferably in the dark.

How long does it take for my substrate to be fully colonized?

Colonization times depend on many factors. In particular, growth will be slower in colder temperatures and faster in high temperatures. The speed of colonization mainly depends on the species and variety being cultivated.