FAQ - Grain Spawn / Fresh Mycelium

Is grain spawn the same thing as a grow kit?

No, the grain spawn is not a grow kit and cannot be used to grow mushrooms directly from the bag. The grain spawn must be mixed with a production substrate, such as our Isis , Sibilla or Vacuna , before it can bear fruit.

If you want to buy ready-to-fruit grow kits, you can start with a Home Grow Kit or a Grow Block Kit

How do you use fresh grain spawn / mycelium?

Grain spawn can be used in various ways. For growing indoors, outdoors or for making other grain spawn.

  • Indoors, you can mix grain spawn with growing medium to grow in bags, containers or to create fruiting cakes
  • Outdoors, you can mix grain spawn with straw or wood chips to create fruiting beds or to place in containers. (The grain spawn cannot be used to inoculate logs, for those you must use mycelium nails, also inoculated through the grain spawn)
  • A grain to grain transfer, i.e. adding grain spawn to other sterilized grain, can extend the shelf life and allows you to create more grain spawn.

Can I make mushrooms fruit only from grain spawn?

Unfortunately, mushrooms do not grow well if left to fruit from grain spawn. Many mushrooms will fruit from the grain spawn, but yields will be very low. It is far better to use it for inoculating substrates.

Most mushrooms prefer to grow on substrates made of wood , coir , manure , compost or straw, mixed with grain spawn .

If you're looking for an easy way to grow mushrooms indoors, try a Home Grow Kit or a Grow Block Kit . They are already colonized on substrates and ready to be put to fruit.

What substrate should I use for my fresh grain spawn / mycelium?

It depends on the species you want to grow. The most common substrates are those based on sawdust , coconut fiber or straw. Consult our guide for choosing the most suitable substrate depending on the species!

Can I use Growers of Mushroom Sterile Media together with Growers of Mushroom Grain Spawn?

Absolutely! Our sterilized substrates are excellent for any type of indoor cultivation and for many outdoor cultivations (which require the use of wood)

How much substrate can I inoculate with a 1.5kg bag of fresh grain spawn / mycelium?

A 1.5kg bag can be used to inoculate 50-70 kg of sawdust-based substrate, and 40 - 60 kg of pasteurized straw.

How can I store my fresh grain spawn / mycelium and for how long?

Our grain spawn can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 months. However, we recommend using it within two weeks, because its quality tends to reduce over time, and the probability of it starting to bear fruit increases.

NB. Spawn to Pink Oyster does not handle low temperatures well, so store it at room temperature and use it within 2 weeks.

Can I use some fresh grain spawn / mycelium and save the rest for later?

The best thing to do is use the entire grain spawn bag once you open it. Trying to store it after it has been opened will most likely lead to contamination.

My grain spawn/fresh mycelium doesn't look fully colonized, can I use it?

All of our grain spawn bags are shipped fully colonized. Some available species such as Lion's Mane, have very thin mycelium and it often appears as if it is not present. Rest assured, it is! Your spawn may appear to be not fully colonized when received, as it will most likely have become mixed during transportation. In this case your spawn will still be 100% colonized. If you are still concerned, please email us some photos and we will be happy to assist you!

What type of bags do you use for your grain spawn / fresh mycelium?

We use polypropylene bags with a 0.2 micron filter.

How do you sterilize your grain before it is inoculated?

All our grain spawn is autoclaved at 121C.

What does your grain spawn / fresh mycelium consist of?

Our grain spawn is made from a mixture of hydrated whole oats and a minimal percentage of sawdust.

How much harvest can I get from your fresh grain spawn / mycelium?

Unfortunately it is very difficult to estimate the total yield of any cultivation project. This is because there are many ways to use grain spawn, various types of substrates and every growing environment is unique. What we can tell you is that it is the same grain spawn that we use for our production and that we have therefore personally selected and prepared to obtain the highest possible yield.

Is my grain spawn / fresh mycelium moldy? What is this white or yellow substance?

The mushroom spawn will develop a white, mold-like substance called mycelium. This branched network of hyphae is the primary body of the fungus, its vegetative structure.

Seeing mycelium growing inside the bag is normal and means that your spawn is healthy. However, if your spawn shows green or black, it may be contaminated and should be thrown away. You can contact us for confirmation.

Did I purchase dried mycelium? What is it about?

The so-called Dry Mycelium, which is very often found online and in various nurseries, is a "scam" product. This type of product is absolutely inappropriate for growing mushrooms. The only way to grow and expand mycelium on substrate is Fresh Mycelium also known as Grain Spawn . This product contains LIVE mycelium, free from contamination and competitive organisms, essential aspects for correct colonization of the production substrate and for obtaining mushroom harvests.