• Selection

    Our study leads us to a selection of particular and rare genetics and species of mushrooms, often never seen on the market, with high quality and high culinary characteristics.

  • Independence

    We control the entire cultivation process. We do not rely on any other company to obtain parts of the mushroom's life cycle. The mushrooms are ours from start to finish , we make them germinate, colonize, expand and finally grow. We provide them with the best nutrients on which to feed during each phase of their biological cycle. This allows us not only to guarantee a product of the highest quality , but also to work on the most desired characteristics of the mushroom.

  • Control

    We check the growth environment of the fungus. Our mushrooms grow in a controlled environment , where we provide the best conditions for their growth. Insects and pathogens, which are so common when grown outdoors, in caves, or when wild mushrooms are eaten, are thus avoided. The mushroom grown in this way is nothing short of perfect .

  • Freshness

    We deliver the collected mushrooms the same day! We don't like to wait, we like to give our customers the freshest possible product. Our mushrooms are harvested every morning and delivered to the customer a few hours later.

The work behind it

Each of our harvested mushrooms goes on a similar journey…

The birth...

The first stages of growth take place on small laboratory platelets. Here the mushrooms begin to explore and get used to the nutrients we provide them. Slowly they thus learn to digest those compounds which they will then have to decompose in their final phase of growth.


As they mature we help them expand. With our tools we transform ourselves into spaceships, and make them travel to new substrates, which they will colonize. Thus they become an expanding and exploring colony, traveling through space and time, thanks to our help.

The Landing

In the final stages of this journey and this expansion, we take them to their final planet: the wood-based substrate, which they will colonize and eat, until their most spectacular transformation.

...Death and Rebirth

In this final phase of their growth, the mushroom is transformed, forming structures that in a few days evolve from small pins to large stems and caps, with the most varied colors and shapes. The fruit of our hard work and the hard work of this mushroom can finally be harvested!

Fresh mushrooms

We produce various species of fresh gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for direct sale to restaurants. We have a continuous production of 12 varieties of mushrooms of the highest quality. Freshly picked mushrooms are usually delivered the same day or at the latest the following day. We guarantee absolute freshness and a product never seen before on the market!

We recommend that chefs and restaurateurs get in touch with us to try our products and possibly stipulate an agreement for the regular supply of fresh mushrooms. Under request we can regularly produce fresh product to be delivered weekly. Get in touch with us for the complete list of the varieties of mushrooms we produce.

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