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Circe: 2.5 kg Sterilized Bulk substrate for production - Manure based

Circe: 2.5 kg Sterilized Bulk substrate for production - Manure based

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MAX preparation time: 5 days 

Substrate based on hydrated and sterilized manure for the cultivation of all manure-loving mushrooms. Contained in Unicorn Bag with 0.2 micron filter.

The PERFECT substrate.

This is our ultimate substrate for all mushrooms that like to grow on manure. A studied and refined mixture based on manure, coconut fiber and a variety of organic and inorganic amendments and nutrients. The substrate is prepared and mixed with care and perfectly hydrated with calcium-rich Apennine water which supports the pH regulation and the cellular structure of the cultivated mushrooms.

Each bag is sterilized at 121 Β°C, and cooled and sealed in front of our laminar flow hood with certified HEPA filter.

These bags of substrate are ready to be inoculated with Grain Spawn.

Our substrates can be used immediately or stored for up to 12 weeks at room temperature from date of manufacture.


The substrate can be used with the following cultivation techniques:

  • Grow in the bag
  • Monotub
  • Martha tent
  • In the garden


How to use!

  • Don't try to use it for magic mushrooms!
  • Mix it well and evenly with the Grain Spawn
  • Allow the substrate to fully colonize before exposing it to air and setting it to fruit
  • Fruiting begins when the substrate is exposed to fresh, humid air and some light
  • You can fruit directly inside the bag or pour the contents into a monotub


Questions about our sterilized substrates? Read ours FAQs!


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