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Ceres: 1.5kg of Hydrated and Sterilised Oats for Spawn

Ceres: 1.5kg of Hydrated and Sterilised Oats for Spawn

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1.5 Kg of sterilized Oats, hydrated in Unicorn Bag with recyclable 0.2 micron filter.

These bags of sterilized grain are ready to be inoculated with agar, syringe of liquid or spore culture. Each bag is sterilized at 121 °C, and cooled in front of our laminar flow hood with certified HEPA filter.

We choose oats for their high protein and nitrogen content and excellent nutritional profile. Produces a perfect, highly nutritious spawn for any cultivable mushroom species

Our bags of Sterilized Oats can be stored at room temperature for 3 months without losing their sterility .

Perfect to be used in conjunction with our liquid culture syringes!

Our bags of sterilized oats are made to order and supplied fresh from sterilisation. For this reason there will be a waiting period of up to 5 days before they are shipped.


Inoculating our bags is very simple! No injection port required!
To inoculate our bags with a liquid culture or spore syringe it is sufficient, after sanitizing the bag and the environment, to inject the sterile needle directly into the plastic, once all the contents inside have been expelled, gently remove the needle and immediately seal the hole with a large piece of clear, strong duct tape. We recommend the transparent packaging one. Before starting make sure that the alcohol used for sanitizing has completely evaporated otherwise the tape will not adhere well. To facilitate the process you can partially attach the piece of tape before injecting the needle, so that it can be placed over the hole at the same time as the needle is removed. Finally, make sure that it has adhered well to the plastic and that it has covered the hole well. Done!

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Questions about our sterilized substrates? Read our FAQ!



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