Guida Pratica alla Coltivazione dei Funghi: L'Infografica Essenziale

Practical Guide to Growing Mushrooms: The Essential Infographic

Have you ever wanted to delve into the fascinating world of mushroom cultivation, but felt discouraged by the complexity of the process, and by so many new English-speaking terms whose meaning you don't know? Don't worry anymore! With our new infographic, we offer you a clear and simplified picture of the various phases involved in the cultivation process. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this resource will guide you step by step through the magical world of applied mycology.

The process of growing mushrooms begins with spores or a tissue sample taken from a fruiting body. From here, it is possible to obtain a mycelium culture, the essential component of cultivation. However, to ensure optimal growth, it is essential to clean the mycelium on agar, eliminating any contaminants and thus obtaining a pure culture.

The mycelium culture is then expanded, usually in liquid culture, and then used to inoculate a sterilized cereal substrate. This sterilized cereal colonized by our mycelium culture will become our fresh mycelium, ready to be used as an inoculum for the final production substrate.

And now, the most exciting moment: the final phase in which our colonized substrates give life to our mushrooms. This is where our hard work and dedication are rewarded by giving us the fruit of our commitment.

With our infographic, you will not only have an overview of the various stages of mushroom cultivation, but you will also be inspired to further explore this fascinating world.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover the secret of mushroom cultivation with our infographic! Visit our shop and start your mycology journey today. We are here to help you succeed in your mycological exploration.

Happy growing!

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