La Coltivazione del Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum): Una Guida Completa Utilizzando un Kit

Growing Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum): A Complete Guide Using a Kit

Reishi, scientific name Ganoderma lucidum , is a mushroom with multiple health benefits that has been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries. Today, more and more people are discovering the advantages of growing this mushroom directly at home, thanks to the modern cultivation kits available on the market.

Why Should You Grow Reishi?

Before we dive into the challenges and pleasures of cultivating Reishi, it's important to understand why it might be worth doing. Reishi is renowned for its potential health benefits, including supporting the immune system, reducing stress and balancing the body. Growing it at home means having access to this mushroom rich in beneficial properties in a convenient and sustainable way.


Preparation of the Kit

The first step is to get a Reishi grow kit . Make sure you choose a high-quality kit, which includes everything you need to start growing. Kits usually contain a block of mycelium (colonized substrate) and detailed instructions.

Unboxing and Positioning:

  • Open the package and carefully remove the substrate.
  • Place the kit in a place with indirect light, such as a corner of the kitchen or living room.
  • The ideal temperature is between 18Β°C ​​and 26Β°C.

    Start of Fruiting

    "Antlers" Method - Easy


    Closed bag:
        • Leave the bag sealed. This method, thanks to the high level of CO2 that will be created, favors the growth of "deer antlers", branched structures typical of Reishi.
        • The closed bag will ensure that the humidity remains high inside, so there will be no need to spray your kit.
      Growth and Development:
          • The horns will begin to form after a few weeks and the whole process can take up to about 3 months. Watching these white structures emerge from the substrate is a fascinating experience!

        Conk Method - Intermediate


        Bag Opening:

          • Once the antlers have reached about 6 inches, open the bag by cutting off the top.
          • This increase in oxygen will stimulate the growth of the bowl-shaped hats typical of wild Reishi.

        Fruiting Chamber:

          • Move the kit to a fruiting tent or similar container. This controlled environment helps maintain ideal growing conditions.
          • It will be essential to control humidity levels during this phase, in order to avoid premature drying of the substrate and mushrooms


          • The mushrooms will be ready for harvesting when the caps are fully formed and start producing spores. Use a sterile knife to cut the mushrooms at the base.

          Drying and Conservation

              • After harvesting, dry the mushrooms thoroughly. You can use a food dehydrator or let them air dry in a well-ventilated place.
              • Drying is essential to preserve the mushrooms and prevent mold growth.
                • Store dried mushrooms in an airtight container, away from direct light and moisture.
                • Dried mushrooms can be used to make teas, tinctures or powders, thus exploiting all their beneficial properties.



                Tips for an excellent harvest!

                • Patience and Attention : Reishi mushrooms grow very slowly. Keep growing conditions consistent and be patient!
                • Hygiene : Keep the fruiting chamber clean
                • Humidity Control : Keep the humidity constant during the growth of the hat



                In conclusion, growing Reishi using a kit can be a rewarding experience that allows you to enjoy the benefits of this powerful mushroom right from the comfort of your home. Follow the kit instructions carefully and prepare to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of home mycology.

                Happy growing!

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