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Refill - Liquid Culture Kit

Refill - Liquid Culture Kit

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MAX preparation time: 3 days


Attention this is only the recharge. For the complete kit click here!

Finished your liquid culture yet? Well! With this refill you will be able to fill your jars in a very short time and allow your mushroom culture to regrow and expand to be used again indefinitely!

Also perfect for those who have not bought the kit and already have a liquid culture at home and need to expand it and provide new nutrients to their mycelium!

What the Liquid Culture refill contains:

  • 1x Sterile Syringe containing 100ml of sterilized liquid culture nutrient of our best Malt Extract and Dextrose LC recipe, with sterile luer cap. (Without mycelium!!)
  • 1x Sterile inoculation needle

All you have to do is remove the cap, attach the needle and inject all the contents of the syringe into the jar through the injection port. Your LC will now be ready to be inoculated with your favorite mycelium culture!

What it doesn't contain:

  • Spores, mycelium or any other organism


We recommend not completely running out of your LC before reloading! The presence of mycelium inside your jar will ensure that it quickly colonizes the new nutritional liquid that you are going to give it. But make sure you have less than 50ml left otherwise you will exceed the capacity of the jar!


Order preparation time: 3 days



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