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Advanced kit for Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation

Advanced kit for Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation

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1x Liquid Culture Syringe

1x 1.5 kg bag of Hydrated and Sterilised Oats

4x Unicorn Bag 3T for substrate


Liquid Culture - 10-12cc of liquid culture completely colonised by mycelium in a sterile syringe capped with a sterile cap, and with a sealed sterile needle for you to use for inoculation. All our liquid cultures are prepared in our laboratory in front of our HEPA certified laminar flow hood, guaranteeing maximum sterility during every phase of production.


Sterilised Grain - 1.5 Kg of hydrated and sterilised oats, in a recyclable Unicorn Bag with 0.2 micron filter patch.

These sterilised grain bags are ready to be inoculated with liquid culture or agar. Each bag is sterilised at 121 °C and cooled down in front of our HEPA certified laminar flow hood.

We choose oats because of its high protein and nitrogen content and optimal nutritional profile. 


Unicorn Bag 3T - Tough bags in PP for bulk substrate or spawn for mushroom cultivation.

The bags are fully autoclavable and gusseted. They are fitted with a 0.2 micron filter which allows air exchange while preventing any contaminants getting into your substrate.

Perfect for the production of substrate blocks from 2kg to 4kg to inoculate with grain spawn.


The Kit - This kit supplies you with all that is necessary for you to produce gourmet mushroom fruiting blocks. All you need to do is prepare the substrate! We reccommend using hardwood sawdust pellets which are readily available, which you will then hydrate with boiling water to effectively pasteurised them. The liquid culture supplied is the perfect amount for inoculating the 1.5 kg of Sterile Grain. This will produce perfect spawn, suitable for inoculating up to 4  bags of substrate. We reccomend you prepare 2.5 kg of hydrated substrate per bag.

With this kit we will not be supplying instructions as we expect that whoever buys this has alread the necessary knowledge of mushroom cultivation. However, we remain available for any suggestion and assistance during the phases of production.

To garantee maximum freshness we prepare everything once we receive the order. Please allow 2/3 days of lead time before shipping.


Inoculating our bags is easy! A self healing injection port is not necessary!

To inoculate our bags with a syringe of liquid culture or of spores, after having sanitised the bag and the environment it is on, inject the sterile needle directly into the plastic. Once released its content into the bag, delicately pull out the needle and immediately seal the hole with a wide piece of clear strong tape. We reccomend transparent packing tape.

Before starting make sure that the alchool used to sanitise the bag has evaoprated otherwise the tape won't attach properly to the plastic. To facilitate the process you can partially attach the strip of tape on the bag before innoculating, so that you can gently lay it over the whole while removing the needle. Finally, make sure the tape is well stuck to the bag. Done!


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