Liquid Culture Kit Instructions

  1. Wear gloves and clean work area thoroughly with 70% alcohol solution
  2. Remove the foil from the syringe and jar
  3. Thoroughly clean the syringe and jar and new needle packaged with a 70% alcoholic solution. Particularly the black injection port on the jar. NEVER open the jar, leave the cap as it is!
  4. Open the paper wrapper of the sterile needle, and at the same time remove the coloured cap from the syringe. Being careful not to pull off the transparent spout on which the cap is mounted. Immediately attach the needle to the nozzle of the syringe.
  5. Breathe. Now remove the plastic needle cover, being careful not to disengage the needle completely from the syringe, and insert the needle into the black injection port of the jar.
  6. Inject all the liquid into the jar
  7. DONE! Now your LC is ready to be inoculated with liquid culture mycelium! If you have a liquid culture syringe from us, the process will be the same! The only difference is that the needle will be screwed onto the syringe instead of stuck.
  8. After a week, mix your liquid culture in the jar to ensure that the mycelium breaks down and does not form lumps. To do this, you can gently swing the jar to create a circular motion within the liquid. ATTENTION, do not wet the filter on the cap with the liquid inside the jar! Mix gently without splashing!